Cleaning Stubborn Limescales

Cleaning Stubborn Limescales

Our local tap water supply is full of impurities like lime-scales, calcium and other minerals. This is even much more so with a deep well water source. Having to maintain a shiny and dirt-mark-free chrome faucets to be a bit of a challenge. Here are some steps recommended to help maintain the shine in your Hansgrohe fittings...

• To remove lime scale, use only products made specifically for that purpose.
Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
• Do not use cleaners that contain hydrochloric, formic, acetic, phosphoric or muriatic acids, as these will cause considerable damage to the finish and to plastic components.
• Never mix cleaning materials.
• Do not use abrasive cleaning cloths, pads, or sponges.

Cleaning Procedures
• Clean your faucets and shower products as and when required. Regular cleaning will prevent scale buildup and water spotting.
• Follow label instructions. Do not allow any cleaner to remain on the product for longer than necessary.
• When using spray cleaners, spray first onto a sponge or cloth – do not spray directly onto the product.
• After cleaning, rinse thoroughly with clear water to remove any residue.

• Soap and shampoo residue can also cause damage to the product. Rinse well with clean water after use.
• If the surface is already damaged, harsh cleaning materials will cause further deterioration.

Water purify system for the home
More and more home owners now install a water purifying system not only for filtering drinking water but cleansing out selected minerals & impurities. BWT, one of the leading brands in Germany, also carry products for filtration, disinfection & softening without the soapy feel. Definitely something worth investing in.

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