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BWT Point of Entry E1 single lever filter 1" 40385

BWT Point of Entry E1 single lever filter 1" 40385

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  • BWT


  • Point of Entry Filtration


  • ORIGIN: Germany
  • Product Description: 
    • BWT E1 single lever filter 1"
    • Height: 398 mm
    • Outlet pressure after pressure reducer: 2 - 6 bar
    • Mesh size Filter: 90 - 100 µm
    • Water temperature min./max.: 5/30 °C
    • Operating pressure min./max. bar: 2/16 bar
    • Fitting length with/without screw connection: 100/197 mm
    • Dimension in cm:  L – 49 / W – 20 / H – 13 
  • MODEL No. 40385
  • BWT E1 Filter

    This filter is designed to provide high quality whole house filtration simply and safely by preventing particles such as rust and sand from entering your home's domestic water supply system. While there are many other filters on the market they all tend to have one thing in common - the filter elements aren't back flushed or replaced regularly because doing so is either time consuming or in many cases simply too complex. The BWT E1 filter is not only easy to install and effective in use, it’s ingenious design makes the age old problem of changing the filter child’s play.

     The single lever operation shuts off the water supply, relieves any pressure and then releases the hygiene vault (the filter cup containing the filter element) in one simple action, allowing the filter element to be removed and recycled along with your domestic waste. A new filter can then be removed from its hygienically sealed wrapper and slipped back inside the hygiene cup. The single lever can then be pulled down, locking the new filer in place and switching the water back on. This revolutionary approach helps ensure that the filer is changed regularly, maintaining the integrity of the filter system.

  • Highlights:

    • Easy replacement of the filter unit – no tools, no mess and no splashing
    • Automatic shut-off of the water supply in a single action
    • No touching of parts that come into contact with water
    • Manufactured in compliance with HACCP food safety standards
    • DVGW-certified

Replacement Part only (To Buy Separately)

  • 10386 E1 filter element


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